Why Croatia?

Why Croatia? Why not Italy or Spain or France?

All these places are just ideas in my head. I have no expectations or meaningful connections. Any country I choose will be a completely new experience out of my comfort zone. Since my girlfriend has family in Croatia and has been several times, I decided my first time traveling to a new continent should be with an experienced traveller.

I am most excited to experience a new culture and to get in touch with what every day life is like in Croatia. Growing up in suburban Canada my whole life, I’ve only known the hustle and bustle of a busier lifestyle. I have always been in school, stressing about assignments, or working full time waiting to punch in my time card. I’ve heard that European lifestyle is much more relaxed than North American. They put value on the important things in life such family and health, rather than the western obsessions of money and material items.

Croatia is a step out of my comfort zone; a step in the right direction.why croatia picture


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