For my first trip, I want to see as much of Croatia as I can fit in a one month backpacking adventure. I also still want to be realistic about what we will have the time and money to do. So we have decided that for our 4 weeks in Croatia, we will spend a week in 4 different cities. Doing it like this will give us the time you really enjoy and explore 4 unique places without having to rush and miss important sights.

We will leave Toronto on May 1 and after about 13 hours of travel time, we will arrive in our first destination, Zagreb!

Week 1: Zagreb 

Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, is filled with beautiful history. After doing some research on Croatian tourism sites, it was obvious that Zagreb was a definite destination on our trip. According to Visit Croatia, Zagreb is known as the city of museums. It has more museums per square foot than any other city in the world!

Once we arrive in Zagreb, we are planning on taking the day to just get our bearings, walk around, have dinner, and then prepare for our first full day. For the next 5 days, we plan on visiting at least 3 museums. The three we would like to see are: The Museum of Contemporary Art, the Archeological Museum, and the Mimara Museum.

We are also going to explore the beautiful Zagreb Cathedral. Parts of this Cathedral date back to the 13th century. However after a major earthquake, most of the Cathedral was rebuilt in the late 19th/early 20th centuries.


Zagreb Cathedral 

Week 2: Hvar

On our last day in Zagreb we will take an early 7 hour bus ride down to the city of Split. From Split we will need to take a 2 hour Ferry to the island of Hvar.

The Queen of the Croatian Dalmatian islands.

This beautiful island is full of beautiful beaches, and lush mediterranean nature. It is also known as the island of hills since you are apparently required to walk uphill to almost every restaurant and hostel on the island.

While most of this week will be spent relaxing on beaches, there are plenty of beautiful excursions for us to go on.

On our second day here, we will be going on an all day excursion to the “Blue Caves” on the close island of Biševo. On our 3rd night, we plan on taking advantage of the famous Hvar nightlife by taking a short boat taxi to the club Carpé Diem. This is one of Croatia’s most famous clubs that goes on until the early hours of the morning. The rest of our week in Hvar will be spent exploring the nature and beaches.


Beach Dubovica 

Week 3: Pirovac 

For our third week, we wanted to take advantage of my girlfriends accommodations to save ourselves some money. Pirovac is a beautiful city known as “Zlo Selo” or “bad town”. Since words aren’t directly translated, this more or less means the badass town. They get this nickname from centuries ago when this little town held back the Turkish invasion.

During our third week we plan on relaxing on most days, getting to know my girlfriends family, and exploring the history of this old town. Since it is such a small town, it won’t take us a full week to explore so we will take advantage of our central location and do day trips to the surrounding cities and attractions. What I am most looking forward to is on our 3rd day in Pirovac, we will be going on a day trip to Slapovi Krke (Waterfalls Krke). This is one of Croatia’s most famous National Park where you can go on hikes, swim in natural fresh water lakes, and have your breath taken away by the beautiful views.


Slapovi Krke

Our last days in Pirovac we will also be taking day trips to the nearby cities of Sibenik, Vodice, and Zadar.

Week 4: Biograd

Our final week will be spent enjoying our time in the city of Biograd. Our final week in Croatia will definitely be bittersweet. I have a feeling I will be very accustomed to the Croatian lifestyle. However, I also have a feeling that spending this much time away from my family will be difficult.

Biograd is beautiful and small city, surrounded by amazing islands and excursion opportunities. So during this final week, we will be going on a cruise tour around the Kornati National Park. This is a beautiful collection of 89 islands, islets and reefs that we will have the opportunity to see, and hopefully visit a few.


One Island in Kornati National Park

The rest of our week will be spent shopping, exploring Biograd’s history, and spending time on the beautiful beaches.


On our very last day in Croatia, we will be leaving Biograd bright and early, bussing to Zagreb, and waiting to catch our flight back to Toronto. While we will definitely be running around frantically on our last day, it will be sad to leave such great memories behind in a beautiful country. But I have a feeling I will develop some strong emotional ties and already be planning my next trip back!


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