My Reflection

I know it may seem a little unusual, but I am about to reflect on the trip that I have not embarked upon yet. This in itself brings some unique challenges, but for the purpose of this reflection I will anticipate how the trip will make me feel but also explain what I am looking to get out of it. An adventure of this magnitude takes careful planning, but when on the trip, this planning is exactly what I am looking to avoid. I will carry out my due diligence in the planning stages but upon stepping foot in Croatia, the time for planning gets tossed out the window and I will let my curious tendencies take over. My entire life has been planned; where to go to school, what to wear, what activities to engage in, the very purpose of this trip is to allow myself to step out of the planned hemisphere, and into the exciting unknown that is travel.

It is important to note that this experience for me is not vacation, it is travel. There is a difference. Vacation is sitting back in a lounge chair with a margarita(which does sound great) but that is not what I am interested in. This is why such a diverse group of cities was selected in the original planning process. I want to capture and observe everything Croatia has to offer, from the beautiful beaches in the small Fishing village of Pirovac to the booming capital city of Zagreb. It has been said that home is where your heart is. I plan leaving home to find mine.


All photos featured in this blog were taken by a family member of mine.

The video featured in the Reflection aspect of the blog can be found by way of the hyperlink below.

Discover Croatia


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