Exploring Croatia

By Lucas Triemstra (250734074)

I am a very curious individual. I always have been. My mind is always wondering, thinking about the possibilities of the world around me. Despite my curiosity, I’ve never really traveled too far from my own backyard. But I think it’s time I do. Growing up in a very European area with very European friends, I’ve always wondered if Europe was truly as amazing as my friends always told me. My girlfriend comes from a very European family and has spiked my curiosity even more. That is why I’m planning a one month trip to Croatia with my girlfriend. Exploring the beautiful beaches, learning about the history, and tasting the amazing food are just a few of the things I am looking forward to. Of course, the realities of traveling scare me; the costs and responsibilities, but that’s all part of growing up, and I am excited for the future!

Cro pics


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